About Beverley


So, do I tell you how long I’ve stared at this blank space longing for inspiration?

It’s one of life’s twisted ironies that the About Me page on any blog will send most writers running for the hills. Because we’re generally happier letting our characters talk. Waxing lyrical about ourselves is like that dream where you find yourself in public with no pants..

I write urban fantasy with a twist of horror. I get very attached to my characters. I’m a perfectionist.

A few random facts – I hate burnt toast. I’m having a love affair with Earl Grey, I drink far too much (tea, that is, although I am partial to a cold glass of Chardonnay). I love the smell right before a thunderstorm, the constellation of Orion and snow before anyone has jumped in it.

And words. Ones that get right under your skin and turn you inside out. Now they make me smile.



30 thoughts on “About Beverley”

  1. I think we may be soulmates 😛 I LOVE the smell right before a thunderstorm and untouched snow. And Earl Grey – there’s always a box in our kitchen, I never run out ❤
    The About Me page is insanely difficult to write, but you did pretty well ^^

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    1. Thanks, Jenny 😀 The hardest thing about blogging is writing this damn page *laughs* TLS? You got me on that one. Although I plead that my brain cells have all but diminished this week 😉


      1. Found myself back here on a Twitter wander – and realised that maybe you meant you didn’t get *TLS*. So, just in case: Times Literary Supplement. Better start brushing up this deliciously slim About piece – they’ll need about a page…

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